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"I need a help..." Delonix Regia and Dendrobium flower...?

"I need a help..." What are the special features ( Delonix Regia and Dendrobium flower ) have to ensure the success of their fertilization?

And... What's the

- family

- type of ovary

- symetry of flower

"I need a help..." Delonix Regia and Dendrobium flower...?

Family- Leguminosae ; Sub-family- Caesalpineae.

Type of Ovary-- Monocarpellary , superior, unilocular , with Parietal placentation. Fruit is a legume or pod.

Symmetry of flower-- Bilaterally symmetrical or zygomorphic flowers.

Success of fertilization ? - It is ensured once pollination is accomplished.

It is insect pollinated and they are attracted by large showy flowers.

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Family-- Orchidaceae of Monocot plants

Type of ovary- Tricarpellary , syncarpous, inferior , unilocular , with parietal placentation.

Fruit is a capsule with a hge number of small dust like seeds(Hence the entire group of orchids is called ' microspermae'

here spermos means seeds and not ususal sperms that everybody knows, ( Remember Angiosperms?).

Symmetry of flowers-- Bilaterally symmetrical or Zygomorphic.

Success of fertilization is ensured by nature once pollination is accomplished.

Pollination is by insects that are attracted by showy flowers.

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